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Growing Minds Toolkit

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Growing Minds Toolkit

With Timber Stand

Adolescence is the perfect time to encouragement Mindfulness in children. Teaching our kids how to manage their stress and anxiety is so important as they grow into young adults.

Our Growing Minds Toolkit prepares your child with resources to help them form coping strategies for managing stressful situations.

Our Affirmation Cards (Growing Minds) encourage a positive mindset teaching skills for self care, self esteem, confidence and resilience. Whilst increasing their kindness and compassion for themselves and others.

Our Kids Mindfulness Journal helps your child’s ability to focus and pay attention and to be “present”. With activities focusing on Gratitude; Growth Mindset; Kindness; Mindful Thinking; and so much more.

Our Mindful Day notepad encourages your child to reflect on their day and to be mindful about what made them happy, sad, angry, scared, frustrated etc. It then encourages your child to focus and think about what they could do to change the way they felt (if it was negative) or how they could have responded differently, or what they needed from the people around them.

By paying close attention to pivotal moments throughout their day will help children to see that there can be wonders and happiness in the smallest moments, they are just waiting for them to be present and to recognise them.

Teaching our children how to cultivate their own emotional wellbeing and strength of character is a life long skill we can assist with. We are our children’s emotional coaches.

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