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Emotions Wheel – A4


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Emotions Wheel – A4

Being able to identify emotions is important. If we can name our feelings then we can begin to understand, manage and regulate our emotions.

There are over 34,000 different human emotions – we have included just a few of the most common emotions displayed in children.

Our Emotions Wheel is a good opportunity to discuss not only your child’s emotions, but their friends, siblings and your own emotions with them.

We can teach that there are no “Good or Bad” emotions. All feelings are valid, and it’s important for everyone to be able to talk about feelings.

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How can I use my Emotions Wheel?

– To track a pattern of your child’s mood (identify any triggers or patterns)

– Teach and encourage empathy towards other people’s feelings

– In conjunction with our Affirmation Cards – if a child feels a certain way – use Affirmations to encourage a positive mindset and positive self talk. Teach your child the power of positive self talk when it comes to feelings and emotions.

– Resource in a Calm Down corner – if your child experiences big emotions and has trouble verbalising them with you – ask them to take 3 deep breaths and show you on the wheel how they are feeling.

– De-escalate emotional “Episodes” – for some children just hearing a name for what they are feeling can be comforting.

According to Kids Helping – children who learn to express their feelings are morel likely to:

– Display fewer behaviour problems

– Do better in school

– Show empathy and compassion

– Have a positive self image

– Have good mental health

Our Positive Mind Open Heart Emotions Wheel is A4 in size, with a sturdy card backing and a moveable inner dial, easy for little hands to navigate.


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