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Calmbuddi Turtle


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Calmbuddi Turtle

These great little turtles are the perfect addition to your sensory toolbox of fidget toys!

Discover the charming and innovative Calm Buddi Turtle Fidget, designed to provide discreet tactile relief for individuals feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. This sensory fidget toy features various textured surfaces to offer comfort and support during anxious moments.

The smooth, curved texture on the inside of the turtle shell’s lid creates a calming sensation, gently embracing the user’s finger within its concave shape.

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shopping 8

In contrast, the opposite interior surface is adorned with multiple spikes to help users feel grounded during panic attacks and guide them back to the present moment.

They are also effective for self-halmers as they provide strong sensory input without breaking the skin.

Proudly manufactured in Australia using 100% recycled plastic, the Calm Buddi Turtle Fidget is an eco-friendly and effective solution for soothing anxiety and stress.

Not suitable for children under three years old due to small parts. Keep out of their reach.

Please note, due the the nature of the product using recycled plastic, no two are alike and a random colour will be sent.Please let us know your preference.

They are designed by a young lady in Sydney who has Autism!
They are Australian-made and made of 100% recycled plastic


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