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Create Your Fate Guided Goal Journal


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Create Your Fate Guided Goal Journal

Uncover your greatest dreams, discover your purpose, and ignite your passions with Intrinsic’s Guided Goal Journal.

Featuring a gorgeous rainbow hardcover, adorned with lilac, pink and orange hues, sparkles of gold foil, and an uplifting quote by South Australian inspiration icon Adèle Basheer, this A5 journal is set to add a burst of inspiration to your goal setting!

Our Guided Create Your Fate Journal is divided into three tabbed sections:
Awaken the Brave – asks you questions to dig deep and discover your passions, purpose, and dreams, then plan goals and actions to achieve these.

Journal Planner – is a freestyle journaling section with both blank and lined pages to brainstorm ideas and keep track of your path towards reaching your dreams.

Monthly Insights – specific guided questions encourage you to reflect back on the progress you’ve made and the steps you are taking each month.

This journal will be a guiding light to give your dreams the wings to fly- allowing you to write freely, as well as offering prompts to get you started and to keep you on track.

Deep in your heart there’s a calling, a quest to rise bold and brilliant, to take on the seemingly impossible and make it possible, to live large and be more of who you truly are.

By digging deep and putting pen to paper, discover the path that’s just right for your as you uncover your soul’s deepest desires and define your own meaning of success.

All that’s required to Create Your Fate is desire, belief, and a willingness to take a leap.
Go ahead and live your best most fabulous life!


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