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Spiky Bracelets -7cm



Spiky Bracelets -7cm

Spiky Bracelets are ideally suited to those with attention disorders, anxiety conditions or other special needs. They promote a sense of calm, help relieve stress levels and can increase levels of focus and attention.

They’re small enough to fit in your pocket or small carrying cases, or anywhere you can think of.

Spiky Bracelets stay firmly in place until they’re slid off and are made from tough, durable materials that are built to withstand continued usage and stretching.


It is an ideal tool for those that

Need support to minimise self harm. It can provide the ‘hurt’ without the harm.
Pick at their skin, fingernails & fingers and clothing.
Live with anxiety & find high sensory input helpful.
Some ways to use the wrist spikey…

Roll up & down the arm
Rub between two palms
Hold in one or two hands to fidget
Wear on wrist or ankle & flick

Rub it on parts of body to replace picking, such as lips

Please note if wearing the wrist spikey for any period of time that it is important to monitor the skin to ensure it it is not compromising circulation.

PLEASE NOTE: The spikey material is not designed to be over stretched/ over extended using both hands. If overstretched it will become out of shape and not return to its original form. Thus, not suitable for those that like to pull at things with two hands, like to pull things apart or generally like to test limits of products.



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