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Mindfulness and Emotional Wellbeing Resources for Kids and Teens

Kids Emotional Tools

Children benefit greatly from having access to effective tools to manage and regulate their emotions. Our kids emotional tools at Positive Mind Open Heart offer a wide array of benefits that will improve their attitude towards daily life in a positive way. We offer excellent tools that promote mindfulness practices such as positive self-talk, art therapy, movement and exercise, emotion regulation strategies, play therapy, and social support, which can help children navigate their emotions and promote emotional well-being.

• Here are a few reasons why purchasing our kids emotional tools is a good idea:

• Improving emotional regulation: Emotional tools help children regulate their emotions, manage stress, and promote positive mental health.
• Building resilience: Children who have access to emotional tools are better equipped to handle difficult emotions and build resilience, which will benefit them in the long run.
• Encouraging self-expression: Emotional tools provide children with a healthy outlet for their emotions and encourage self-expression.
• Promoting social and emotional development: Emotional tools help children develop emotional intelligence, build strong relationships, and improve communication skills.
• Encouraging positive behaviour: Children who have access to emotional tools are more likely to adopt positive behaviours, such as empathy and compassion.
• Improving academic performance: Children who have strong emotional regulation skills and high emotional intelligence tend to perform better in school.

Investing in our deluxe kids emotional tools is a cost-effective way to promote a child’s emotional well-being and prevent long-term mental health issues.

In conclusion, purchasing emotional tools for kids is a smart investment in their future. By providing children with the tools, they need to manage their emotions, they will be better equipped to handle life’s challenges and promote their overall well-being. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know all the details about our kids emotional tools; we will be glad to assist you.

Mindfulness & Emotional Wellbeing Resources

We have created a range of resources for families, which encourage Positivity, Self Esteem, Confidence, and Resilience in Kids and Teens.

Through the use of Affirmation Cards, Mindfulness tools and Emotional Wellbeing resources our aim is to build Kind, Confident and Positively Happy Kids & Teens that understand their emotions and have their own toolbox of strategies to feel more mindful and emotionally resilient.

Self Confidence

Help your kids unlock their self confidence. Assist them with their feelings and worries.

Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards for kids helping them to build self esteem and confidence.


Sensory Fidgets, weighted products and resources.

Self Confidence

Help your kids unlock their self confidence. Assist them with their feelings and worries.

What's New

View our new range of Mindfulness and Emotional Wellbeing products.


Sensory Fidgets, weighted products and resources.
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